Decorative Window Films

Decorative Window Film

Turkey Creek Tinting provides its customers with all types of decorative window film for your home or business. Decorative Films are available in a large variety of textures and designs at a fraction cost of laminated panels, patterned or sandblasted glass. These decorative designs are a perfect way to add a little privacy and a lot of style to any smooth glass surface.


Decorative Window Films add varying degrees of Privacy. They can be applied in many different formats. Below you will find some of the most popular types of decorative window film offered by Turkey Creek Tinting.


  • Opaque films – These films allow none or very little light through.The perfect application for Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Retail Environments, Residential
  • Architectural Film– used mostly for Private Offices. They come in a variety of patterns such as stripes, squares, and many other designs. Architectural films provide semi-obscurity with an elegant design.
  • Frosted Film – In this category, you will find our broad selection of plain frosted films. These films are designed with a variety of transparencies and light transmissions providing different degrees of privacy.
  • Natural Window Films – Window Films that have a Natural or Floral theme. Textured Window Film – Are embossed textured films with designs. These films allow plenty of light to filter through while providing varying degrees of privacy.
  • Light Diffusing – Light Diffuser translucent films are designed to allow varying amounts visible light to pass through. Create the desired privacy light effect by adding a light Diffuser film to conference room glass walls or offices.
  • Cut Glass Window Film – These window films are Prismatic Light Scattering films. Attractive, beautiful, elegant, incomparable, lovely, matchless, outstanding, pleasing, rare, selective, striking and superior films!

Turkey Creek Tinting can add enhanced privacy and aesthetics with decorative window film at a fraction of the cost of stained glass windows or custom sized window treatments. Decorative window film can add privacy and style to any window in your home or office building.

Decorative window film is available in various patterns and even textures for a realistic effect. Most commonly used on your home windows, office partitions, conference rooms, shower doors or any glass surface in your house the possibilities are endless! Call Turkey Creek Tinting today for a free in-home, office or building estimate.